Tennis2day starts with the end in mind, that 'all of life's skills are learnt on the tennis court'!  It is about developing tennis skills for life as well as life skills through tennis. 

Players are encouraged to enter competition once they can serve and sustain a simple rally.  Tennis2day provides pathways from coaching through to local competitions, club membership and tournaments. 

All coaches follow the same lesson plan for continuity.  Each lesson consists of the same format and fun:  warm-ups, technical focus, tactical focus, match-play practice and brief reflection. 

Teaching tennis incidentals, such as how to score, rules of tennis, court positioning and etiquette is an integral part of a coaching session:

During drills, students go no more than 20 second before hitting the next ball.

Private students have a performance sheet and video analysis to monitor their progress

Tennis2day believes in all ages, stages and abilities having the opportunity to play tennis.  The Special Olympics squads and lessons are available to promote the game for players with an intellectual impairment.

Coach Development is important and achieved through recognised tennis bodies/online training or proprietor coach development for staff regarding all elements of tennis:  technical, tactical, physical and mental proficiency.

Coaches operate with a high degree of professionality; including dress, manners, punctuality and focus on court safety, followed by fun!

We are big on player and parent education through discussions, newsletters and podcasts.

Tennis2day encourages the purchase of ability-related equipment, from entry level modified racquets and balls through to professional grade racquets (TENX).  Racquets, balls and strings can be purchased through Tennis2day.